Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Analysis of Piracy and Plagiarism Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis of Piracy and Plagiarism - Case Study Example However, one may point out that the need to create pirated movies has been influenced by the high prices or original versions of similar content. This counter-argument may not justify the practice. The price of movie production has increased significantly. For this reason, the consumer should appreciate the art of movie production. From a financial perspective, the cost incurred in the production process can only be compensated if consumers purchase the product at an appropriate price. The desired profit ratio cannot be acquired through the sale of pirated movies. Karaganis is the assumption that the price of pirated movies is almost 60% less of the price of the original DVDs. The rise of pirated movies has influenced the growth of television networks that offer alternative modes of consumer access to movies. For instance, the growth of television networks such as Netflix has been influenced by the need to create cheaper ways that consumers may access movies legally. However, the gro wth of such networks has been cited as a negative impact on the sale of original DVDs. Regardless, the trend is embraced hugely as it increases the level of exposure of movies. Strauss asserts that television networks offer a legal alternative that may substitute piracy to a consumer population seeking cheaper options. Another significant effect of piracy is the increased release of counterfeit movies with low quality. This dents the reputation of movie makers. However, if a consumer acquires a counterfeit movie they may not create a negative perception of the movie maker since they may understand the circumstances of which the movie was accessed. But, production of counterfeit movies of low quality does allow the consumer to capture the real creativity and effort of the movies made.

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